United We Dream Action’s Reclaim the Web engages young content creators to create daily proactive, visionary content pieces and messaging that can be easily shared with friends and family on Whatsapp and across social media to fight disinformation. 

Bad actors use disinformation to divide and confuse our communities. From spreading lies about the COVID-19 vaccine and casting doubt on the legitimacy of our elections, to misleading information about why we’re paying higher prices for things like gas and groceries. As a volunteer with UWDA’s Reclaim The Web program, you can use the power of your social network to protect your friends and family from being targets of racialized disinformation. 

Here you can download all the pieces of content that we share with your network, including multigenerational memes, videos, and graphics in English and Spanish!

For more information text DISINFO to 877-877. 

Let’s reclaim the web!